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Rest assured, given our experiences it's not risky business with us.

About RiskHero

Not all Enterprise Risk Management solutions are created equal.

Our passionate team of risk professionals are focused on designing an effective and simplified risk management solution made available for everyone.  Our platform was designed by risk professionals for risk professionals AKA “RiskHeroes”.

Oftentimes, smaller to mid-scale companies are left without a comprehensive ERM solution, operating on spreadsheets and decentralized processes, resulting in siloed, non-cohesive, and disconnected programs.  This can lead to inefficient processes and uninformed business decisions.

Our RiskHero platform fills this gap by providing key tools and modules, driven by a powerful library of assets, to empower organizations of any size to take charge of their own risk management journey.  Because that's what heroes do.

Our story

We are a team of heroes on a mission to promote the value of risk management among our community and within companies.  Our co-founders first met in the privacy, security, and compliance arena, where they crafted their expertise and united behind the mission that there should be a better way to deliver and understand the value of risk management solutions. With over 40 years of combined advisory, industry, and technical risk management experience, our talented team of professionals works to develop a best-in-class platform.

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