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An application experience designed by risk professionals to make risk management more accessible and straightforward and drive engagement within companies.

RiskHero Library

Leverage our curated library of risk and compliance assessments, catalogs, frameworks, and readiness checklists.

Risk Assessments

Gather and assess critical business information to understand your current risk landscape and compliance requirements.

Reporting Heat Maps

Present a visual representation of your assessed risks – empowering leadership to make risk-informed decisions.

Issues Management

Develop and track corrective action plans to completion.

Risk Register

View all identified and assessed risks mapped by objectives and organization hierarchy.

Controls Register

Understand the control effectiveness and implementation frequency within a central repository.

Frequently asked questions

How does your library of assets help my risk management program?

Imagine having access to all the commonly used and industry recognized control frameworks, risk catalogs, and risk assessments at your fingertips.  No more wasted cycles on searching for risk management content or best practices - leave the heavy lifting to us.

Harness the power of the RiskHero library to save time and work faster.

We have our own risk ratings and definitions, can RiskHero use our custom definitions?

Users can change risk ratings and definitions by category within the platform.  This allows for you to tailor RiskHero to your company’s internal framework.

Can I bring existing historical assessments, control frameworks, risk registers, and risk catalogs into RiskHero?

RiskHero professional services can help bring in all of this information into the platform for your company’s account.  Reach out to our support team to begin the process.

Can you set up reminders within the application?

Users can configure alerts and reminders in the settings of the application.   You can tag the alert to a team member and set the frequency for the reminder.

How many people can respond to an assessment at once?

Assessments can be routed to multiple people at once.  These individuals can sit within your organization or outside of the organization.  If after completion of an assessment, more information is needed, the assessment can be routed again for responses.  There is no limit to how many people can respond and how many times you ask them to respond.  The assessment owner will see all responses from the different responders come in real time.  All of your communication is handled through the platform in one seamless experience.

How does one become a RiskHero?

Becoming a RiskHero entails sharing thought leadership, best practices, and drawing on your professional experiences to provide the community at large with guidance and assets that can be helpful to each other.  Contact us today to engage and learn more about this opportunity.  Working together we can go further.

How does one associate risks to the different areas of my business?

While setting up your account with RiskHero, we request our users to map their organization’s hierarchy into the platform.  This includes adding the key strategic objectives for each layer of the business.  As assessments are launched, risk items are tied to your strategic objectives, resulting in a holistic view of business impact.

Do you offer integration with other software solutions?

RiskHero is working hard with key partners in offering API integrations with commonly used SaaS solutions to help complement your Risk Management program.  Join our mailing list for updates on our progress.

Can I change my plan after signing up?

We allow for users to upgrade and cancel at any time. No questions asked.

Pricing built for businesses
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All plans start with a 30 day free trial. No inherent risks with us – until you add them. 😉


Access for a single user to all modules, including: 

Access to RiskHero Library of assets
Unlimited Assessments
Customize Risk Catalogs
Customize Control Frameworks
Capture risks in Risk Register
Track control effectiveness Control Register
Visualize risks and controls in Reporting
Create Issues to address gaps
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Access for five users to all modules, additional user $199. Everything in Starter, Plus:  

Team access to the platform
Assign and share assessments with internal and external  responders
Track team activity and reporting
Assign collaborators and viewers to assessments
Assign remediation owners and track issues to completion
Get Started
Agency / Enterprise

Everything in Teams, Plus: 

Manage multiple risk assessing groups
Data Migrations Services
Customized modules for enterprise processes
Active Directory integration
Multifactor Authentication
Dedicated customer support
Develop custom risk assessments
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